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Gone are the days when people sent text messages to each other. These days, most of us make use of the internet to send messages, not only because it is cheaper, but because it is fast and the delivery in most cases is ensured unlike an SMS which might not get delivered on time if the mobile phone is turned off. So which are the best internet messengers available for the Android platform? There are hundreds of messengers available online.

The Best Internet Messengers for Android The Best Internet Messengers for AndroidI’ve tried a few of them only to conclude that you don’t need to have more than one messenger on your mobile phone because the same friends are active on all the messengers you use. And even if you have ten messengers on your phone, it doesn’t make sense because on the other side there’s the same person!

But if you’re like me and would still like to try out the various messengers available, here are the best 3 of them! I tried them, I used them for a month and then I uninstalled them for the reason I specified above, you don’t need more than one messenger on your phone!

#1 WhatsApp

This one messenger has to be there on your mobile phone! No matter how badly WeChat & Line are advertising themselves, if you don’t have WhatsApp, you have nothing! WeChat and other apps surely do have a lot of features which you cannot find in WhatsApp, but what WhatsApp has is people, people who actually use it unlike other apps who have people like me using it just to write a review and then the app is off their mobile phones.

So WhatsAPp is definitely the best chatting app available for Android. Yes, it does have a few problems like you cannot hide the WhatsApp last seen time, but I think it’ll be solved with future updates and that’s not a reason why you should stop using WhatsApp!

#2 BBM

I’ve a couple of friends using BlackBerry and by default use BBM for messaging and only for those I’ve BBM installed on my mobile. I’ve always been a big fan of BBM because it’s more secure than any other messaging platform and that’s another reason why I love to use it! They put me in the waiting queue for 2 days after which I got to use BBM on my Galaxy S3. The wait was worth it because I’ve always liked BBM.

Also don’t download BBM from unsolicited links, they might be dangerous since they’re many fake copies of BBM online!

#3 Skype

Okay, Skype wasn’t an internet messenger exactly. It was basically used for video calling and stuff, but can be used to send text messages too. Though I don’t use Skype for text messaging, I do use it for video calling my friends for fun! It’s fun to talk to people far away from you using your internet connection nd your phone’s camera! The best thing about Skype is that it works on your computer too! So you don’t lose your contacts even if you uninstall Skype from your mobile phone.

These are the messengers I think you should have on your phone. WhatsApp for sending text messages, Skype for video calling and BBM to chat with your friends using BlackBerry!

Saksham Talwar, the writer of this post who blogs at which he wants to make a news site one day! Wish me luck icon wink The Best Internet Messengers for Android

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